Monday, October 20, 2008


you might be wondering what is this blog about??Hey dont wonder it is something we pass through in our seemingly boring lives.the anxieties of clearing a competetive exam.Not all!!  but most of you must have, sometime or the other, experienced this anxiety. your handsd start to shake,you feel feverish,you start hallucinating, you start talking in sleep.well these are the major symptoms of a common disease in India.........Exam=ofobia.Componded by parental pressure and quadrapled by the intense competetion......we pray to our gods for making through this one.We pledge that next time we will work hard to get the maximum marks.but come what may,we always land up in the same mess.So here I am in a similar mess,with my term end exam looming large over my head,like a demon with fiery eyes crooked face. Don't worry this time also i will defeat the demon as always albeit with a little difficulty.The mantra is to remain calm and composed. The merrier you are the better are the chances of dominating the opposition. Once you panic,all the efforts you have put in goes waste. Your mind tries to run away from it not to tackle it efficiently.

So be brave and RELAXXXXXXXXXXXX.......

Sunday, October 19, 2008

blogging....something new!!

well..lets start at the start. Its my first experience at blogging, and to my dismay i'm sitting here with my hands on the keyboard, with the LCD screen of my laptop glowing on my face,thinking "hey what a dounting job have i taken in my hands?". Relax man! A sound comes from within,it is nothing new, it is the same thing you have been doing for years. But the only difference is that this time you will be showing your mindless thoughts to the all knowing public or "AAM JUNTA" as it is commonly known. So with this I start my blogging experience.Praying to the almighty that "It becomes fruitful for everyone and not just something which has been done numerous number of times"
Here i Go!!!!!!