Sunday, January 11, 2009

conflicting emotions..........

There are times in everyone's life when he/she starts dissecting his/her inner feelings and delves into the dirt, glum and gory.None of us escape.We are not allowed to.This pervert world around us makes sure that we don't miss these great these times we experience a flurry of emotions......each with its own time period.Before we are able to grasp one the other overcomes our mind.We are left to ourselves,to defend from the enemy within.We can do nothing apart from seeing our senses disintegrate into oblivion.But in these times it becomes all the more important to keep ourselves in realms of sanity.Because once the flood gates open there is no stopping.And the obvious fact remains is to detect what went wrong and often we come to the conclusion that it was 'me' who is to blame not 'they'.

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